My interest in child birth began with the birth of my first son. 


With a degree in Biology and Chemistry from Seattle Pacific University I was working in a development group at a San Francisco based biotech when I found out I was expecting my first child.  I did the research and took a childbirth class thinking I was ready for the birth day. It was a long difficult labor with many necessary interventions that left both my husband and I asking: Were we prepared for this birth?  When I found out I was pregnant a second time I knew I had to do things differently.  


Since then we have moved to Issaquah, Washington where we currently live.  Eager to try a new approach, I talked with many in the birth field leading me to a birth-class series taught at Bastyr University for doulas and other child birth professionals.  After finishing this class I then knew what my first birth was missing; a Doula.  Somebody that knew "the plan" and would be there through it all as an advocate for me and my baby. A person that knows there is no "right way" to birth and would help me to feel comfortable with decisions and changing plans.  Someone who was there just to support me and make my birth more "simple".  I gave birth to my second son with the help of two doulas (one a dear friend and one I had hired).  I also have to add that my husband was a rock star and even joined me in the tub!


I shared my contrasting stories and passion for birth with a few friends and as a result, during the next few months I had the privilege of being a part of five amazing births.  Today I look forward to finding these special relationships with each individual, listening to what they want and then helping them to come up with a simple birth plan.

Julienne Bacon


What is a Doula?